5 Reasons Why you Might Need the Services of a Family Lawyer

Family law is an extremely complex field and covers a wide range of situations, where legal assistance might be required. Lawyers tend to focus on one specific type of law and the family lawyer would offer numerous services that are family relate, and here are just a few of the situations that would require enlisting the help of a family law expert.

  1. Divorce or Separation – Sadly, almost one third of Australian marriages end in divorce, which is reflected in the number of cases a family lawyer would encounter. For both parties, terminating a marriage requires the help of a family lawyer, and if children are involved, the family lawyer would assist in requesting custody or visitation rights. The lawyer would assist with the division of marital assets, and if you and your partner are thinking about divorce, there are affordable family law lawyers in Sydney who can help.
  1. Wishing to Adopt – Some couples are unable to have children naturally, and therefore decide to adopt. The adoption application process is very long and drawn out, and by enlisting the help of a family lawyer, the couple are maximising their chances of being accepted. The lawyer can prepare all the paperwork and give the applicants a clear idea of what to expect, as the application process begins.
  1. Will Dispute – In the event a family member is unhappy with the provisions made in the will of a recently deceased relative, they can approach a family lawyer to apply to contest the said will. The lawyer would help their client by collating all available evidence, and in the event they felt the evidence was weak, they would advise their client not to proceed. If, on the other hand, they were of the opinion that their client has a strong case, they would offer to represent them by contesting the will.
  1. Restraining Order – If a couple have been through a messy divorce, one party might feel threatened and can approach a family lawyer with a view to applying for a restraining order, which would prohibit their partner from approaching the address. Spousal abuse is a serious problem and for many people, there is little choice but to take legal steps to prevent that person from entering their home. Sadly, there are those who suffer abuse silently, afraid to tell anyone for fear of retribution, yet more often than not, they receive good advice and contact a family lawyer to prevent any further abuse. In some cases, this would lead to the offender being jailed, with a restraining order that comes into effect upon their release.
  1. Setting Up Trust Funds – If a person wished to make sound provisions for their family should the worst happen, the family lawyer would help them to set up a trust fund that will secure the children’s financial future. The family lawyer can also help to compose a will, and can advise on the best way to maintain the estate, thus paying minimal tax.

The family lawyer undertakes numerous roles and most people will require their services at least once in their life, perhaps more. If you would like to talk to an experienced family law firm, an online search will help you to get started.