A Guide to Sourcing a Criminal Lawyer

If you have been charged with a criminal offence, it is a very stressful experience, and irrespective of the charge, you must seek out legal counsel as soon as possible. Of course, there are many kinds of criminal offences, and whatever you are accused of doing, it is essential to find a criminal lawyer with extensive experience defending that type of charge. Even if a person is not in trouble with the law, it is prudent to know what to look for in the event you one day require a criminal lawyer.


  • Hands-On Experience – While many young criminal lawyers cut their teeth under the supervision of an elder, this is not something to be left to chance. If you are charged with committing a criminal offence, you must have experienced legal help from someone who knows the justice system inside out. If you happen to be looking for a criminal lawyer in Perth, for example, there is an excellent practice that offers the very best representation for a wide range of offences, including homicide, assault, and drug related offences.
  • Performance Based – Any good criminal lawyer would be able to produce impressive statistics to demonstrate their ability to convince courts to provide satisfactory outcomes for their clients, and in many cases, they successfully point out that their client, is in fact innocent. Being charged with a criminal offence in no way suggests that the person is guilty of the charge, and it is only by having a deep understanding of the legal system, that you can represent a client effectively, and with cases of mistaken identity and wrongful imprisonment, there is evidence that the justice system is far from perfect.
  • Free Initial Consultation – As soon as a person is charged with any criminal offence, they should immediately seek out legal advice, and an established criminal lawyer would be happy to give a free initial consultation, and with the client’s best interest at heart, they would advise accordingly. Should you wish to have the lawyer represent you, they can begin to prepare your case, and without expert advice at the very outset, you might end up at a disadvantage.
  • Discretion Assured – This is essential, as a wrongly accused person could suffer serious damage to their reputation if the information became public, and even if the person is acquitted, there is still a taint on their character, so client confidentiality and discretion are both essential in any criminal proceedings.
  • Reliability – This is not a time for a slow response, and you need someone who is reliable and responsible, and will never re-appoint you or not have the time for your case, which is why you must look for a legal practice that is very established.

Many people are wrongly accused of committing a criminal offence and in that situation, sourcing the best criminal defence is essential, and with online legal experts, a simple search should put you in touch with the right counsel.