An Overview of Defense Base Act and Tips to Filing a Lawsuit

Military bases have workers who may get injuries or die while undertaking their job. The soldiers will have compensation from the State. However, civilians working for the government in such places may need to seek compensation through other means.

It is common to find injustice for people who are not soldiers but had an injury while under a working contract with the military service. However, the defense base act ensures the affected individuals can remedy any damages they underwent from an accident while on contract. A defense base act lawyer can handle such cases and assist the injured parties or family of a dead individual gets justice. Below are tips to help you with the lawsuit and search for justice;

Report the Incident Immediately

The defense Base Act requires an affected person to report the incident and their injuries as soon as it happens. You should write an incident report and offer it to your supervisor. Ensure you have a copy of the report for reference. You will need to explain what happened and the injuries you experienced. Regardless of the magnitude of injuries, it is best to report them to bring complications in the future. So, it is essential to record it to get compensation.

Seek Treatment

After reporting the accident, it is vital to go for treatment. Still, you have to go for medical assessment and treatment even though the injuries may seem minor. A lawsuit will primarily rely on the doctor’s report to determine the compensation. The doctor’s report acts as evidence to support the case. It will include information about the diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up during the road to recovery. A physical and psychological assessment will help seek a suitable remedy for the damages.

Have Evidence and Witness Statement

The incident report is the first piece of evidence you can have to support your case. Also, the medical record is a critical piece of evidence for a lawsuit. Communication records between you and personnel representing your employer will help in the case building. You can have remuneration records since your time working for the agency. It will help gather all the necessary information to support your case.

A witness can help strengthen the case further. It would be best to get their statement early enough as they can refuse to testify in court due to fear. Talk to those who were there during the incident and get their accounts in writing, or you can record their testimony using your phone.

Seek a Defense Act Lawyer

Winning a lawsuit can be challenging on your own. The defendant will have legal counsel on their side, and they can repeal your claims even though they are legitimate. However, with a qualified and experienced lawyer representing your case, the chances of winning are significant. A defense Act lawyer understands the law regarding your situation and can help you get compensation for damages. They will seek compensation for the treatment costs, lost income during the recovery period, and any psychological impact the accident may have had on you.