An Insight into Workers Compensation Law

Every year, job-related injuries affect thousands of employee and costs United States companies over $100 billion. As an employee or employer, it is highly likely that at some point in time, you or someone you know will deal with a job-related injury, and consequently, workers’ compensation claim. That’s why it’s essential to understand what workers’ […]

Car Accident Settlements And The Taxman

The taxman never sleeps, and as an American citizen, there is the ever constant necessity of ensuring full compliance with the law especially when remitting taxes. As an individual who has recently been involved in a road accident that resulted in property damages or personal injuries this is an issue which must be considered. Primarily, […]

Making a Fresh Start for Yourself

Deciding to get a divorce is never an easy decision. It’s a decision that you arrive at because of a range of different factors that depend on your situation, but it’s always difficult, and it’s always emotional. Even if you think that you and your partner have nothing in common anymore, and even if your […]

Child Pornography and the Florida State Law

According to both the Federal and Florida state law, a sex crime is a no-go zone which attracts severe and unrelenting legal punishment. Being in possession of sex-related materials irrespective of the source, you are treated as a complaisant and hence legally responsible. To clear any uncertainty, the legislature through 847.001 statutes describes child pornography […]