Can Trademarks be Anonymous?

Trademark is a visual symbol that identifies a brand name and provides it legal protection. It can consist of any specific word, name, logic, numeric symbols, signatures, etc. But, can a trademark be anonymous? The answer is yes. It’s possible to have an anonymous trademark which indicates the trademark registration and application will not disclose the owner. When it comes to the business industry, it’s hard to be anonymous as many contexts and registrations are publicly accessible.

Any trademark should be registered with USPTO (The United States Patent and Trademark Office) to get the maximum and nationwide protection. It’s crucial to register the copyrights with the U.S.Copyright Office for lawsuits infringement.


As mentioned above the USPTO or the United States Patent and Trademark Office is a fee-funded agency of the U.S. Department of Commerce. The agency is responsible for providing protection of inventions and registering trademarks for products and services. The officials of USPTO carefully examined all the trademark applications and then granted the registration. The aim of the organization is to strengthen the economy by promoting the industrial and technological processes of the nation.

Why Anonymous LLC?

Anonymity is a key aspect to consider when it comes to asset protection. Having complete knowledge of trademark and copyright protection is necessary for staying on top of the competition. Many businesses prefer to maintain a certain level of confidentiality to shield their identity from stalkers or any other dangerous individual. Industries like marijuana may be considered for the protection of ownership information. However, the limitation of an anonymous trademark is that there can be some possibility to disclose a domicile address with the trademark application.

How to avoid trademark infringement

Trademark infringement cases are common and they can be hectic, damaging a brand’s reputation. Defending a trademark infringement case can be costly at the same time. The problem occurs when someone infringes when someone uses a trademark that has already been used by someone else. So it’s important to be careful of such incidents.

  • Working with an experienced trademark counsel will help an individual to understand the potential risks and adopt the potential mark.
  • Doing some online research and USPTO trademark searches is a good idea to acquire knowledge about the applied trademarks, registered trademarks, etc.
  • Consider hiring a trademark attorney who has access to other databases like state trademark records, as well as common law marks.
  • To protect intellectual property, one should register the trademark with the established logo, domain name, etc.
  • In case, a company gets sued by others, providing the timestamps and documents can support the case.

Remember, trademark registration is an asset and affection weapon against unfair competition. Businesses eager for an anonymous trademark should consider all the facts and consult with a well-experienced attorney in this field. Trademarks may resemble the brand as they are effective in gaining customer attraction and are a sign of commitment to the company. So keep in mind all the facts to save time, money, and make the process hassle-free, minimizing the trademark issues.