Car Accident Claims And Lost Wages

Being injured in car accidents that were caused by someone else often lead to days off from work. Several extra income opportunities might also be missed because of accident injuries or/and resulting limitations. Fortunately, according to, it is possible to recover such losses. However, the process is not that simple.

Car Accident Damages And Lost Income

The law allows you to recover all the lost wages appearing after the accident if you are the victim. For instance, if you broke your leg, you most likely cannot go to work. In such a scenario, you can recover all wages you could have received when you were capable of going to work.

When you cannot work for 3 months, you get a compensation that includes the amount to cover these three months. Also, when looking at disabling and debilitating accident injuries, extra damages are allowed when they are severe. This includes PTSD and similar psychological injuries.

Lost Earning Capacity Compensation

When the car accident leads to long-lasting or permanent disability, you cannot make money in the future. The law allows you to receive damages that cover lost earning capacity. This does apply even when you can still do some work but your disability stops you from receiving a high paying job.

There are several disabling injuries that you might not be aware of. This includes loss of endurance and stamina or chronic pain. Your personal injury attorney will let you know what you are entitled to, based on your exact case.

Pre-Existing Injury Aggravation

In this case, you need to prove that the car accident was the reason why your pre-existing injury got worse. This also applies when the aggravation led to the unwanted scenario in which you got stopped from work because of the aggravation. Lost wages offered through the settlement will also cover this.

Reasonably Certain Proof

To be offered compensation, it is up to you to offer reasonably certain proof. Basically, you have to prove lost earning capacity and how much you lost in terms of earnings. The very easy way to do this is to submit the last paycheck you received before the injury. In the event that you are self-employed, proof of regular earnings is necessary, like invoices you got paid in the previous year. Recovery for non-salary benefits and lost tips is possible with decent proof.

Lost earning capacity is what is difficult to prove because future earnings can only be determined based on speculation. Based on your work though and how injured you are, diminished earning capacity can be assumed.

During the investigations done by the insurance company or by you, it is important to compare your paychecks before and after injury so that you can prove lost earning capacity. However, complications can easily appear.


You are allowed to recover damages to cover lost earnings because of the injuries sustained in the car accident. However, this is not at all something easy to do. You will need help from highly experienced car accident attorneys. This is especially true if your injuries are serious.