5 Lessons in Law Firm Productivity

Productivity is important in any organization, even in a law firm. From the senior partners to the assistants, everyone should be productive to deliver the best outcomes for all the things that they do. How is this possible? The rest of this post has some of the productivity lessons that can be helpful for a […]

Know Your Rights in the Workplace

Employment law may feel like a subject reserved for lawyers, HR or Union members. In reality, you should equip yourself with the basic facts so you know what to look out for in the workplace. Here are a few relevant laws you should familiarise yourself with. Working Time All employers feel the pressure if there’s […]

Human Rights and Asylum in the UK

Claiming asylum in the United Kingdom is a very complex process, and there might be many reasons why a person feels their human rights are being violated. It could be that the person has escaped a dictatorship regime and is concerned about extreme punishment, should they ever return, which could even include capital punishment. Other […]

Facts about Will disputes

Will is a legal document that is prepared and signed according to the various formalities framed by the legislation. This document contains a person’s (testator) wishes regarding how her/his property be distributed. Preparing a Will is the only way that ensures the distribution of the assets according to the wishes after her/his demise.  A valid […]

What you should know about Bail Bonds

When you have been accused of any crime, being arrested and being sent to jail could be a frightening experience. Moreover, as you would be legally innocent until proven guilty. In numerous cases, the judge and jury may allow you to be released on bail until your trial or hearing. However, the judge might order […]