Common Injuries Car Accident Victims Sustain

Car accidents cause injuries and fatalities. Drivers who are involved in a car accident should understand their rights to pursue a claim for compensation. A lot of injuries sustained in automobile accidents are quite costly to treat and can hinder a person’s ability to continue to work and earn a living following the accident. If the accident took place because of negligence, the driver found to be of fault should be responsible for the damages that result from the crash.

Below are some of the injuries that accident victims sustain:

Spinal Cord Injury

Car accidents can cause victims to have an injured spinal cord. This injury can be as acute as a partial spinal cord injury or as serious as a complete spinal cord injury. Regardless of the severity of this injury, victims will usually experience permanent injuries and pain which could grab them of their mobility.

Brain Injury

This kind of injury can range from a concussion to a serious and fatal brain injury. Accident victims that sustained head wounds can experience a brain injury. Symptoms that last for a long time can include mood changes, impaired memory, vision issues, seizures, and impaired hearing and vision. A lot of the sufferers lose their consciousness following the accident either temporarily or for a long period of time.

Bone Damage

Car accident victims whose bones are damaged or broken as a result of the accident can be living a life with debilitating pain and impaired mobility. While some broken bones can be repaired, others fractures don’t heal correctly.


Whiplash is an example of a soft tissue injury which can take place even during a slow-speed collision. This kind of injury can be quite painful and impairs a person’s ability to move. Also, diagnosing and treating this injury can be difficult, making it challenging to prove its extent to insurance companies.


Car accident victims may sustain lacerations that could leave them permanent scarring. The seriousness of these cuts depends on the impact of the accident.

If you have been involved in a car accident, a Maryland car accident lawyer can help you prove the extent of your losses and what caused the collision. Contact a lawyer after the accident to get legal advice on how to get compensated for your losses. Your attorney will work for you by gathering evidence and documents to prove your claim as well as representing you when your case reaches the court.