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Comparing personal injury attorneys in Philadelphia: Check these tips!

Did you sustain injuries in a freak accident that was not your fault? Are you a victim of medical malpractice or nursing home abuse? You could have a potential injury lawsuit. Pennsylvania is an at-fault state, which means that the party responsible for causing the accident could be liable for your losses. Just because you were injured doesn’t always mean you can sue the other party. It is highly important to seek legal and advice immediately after the incident. As far as the statute of limitations in Pennsylvania is concerned, you have two years to pursue a lawsuit. How would you compare Philadelphia, PA personal injury attorneys? We have a few tips below for help. 

  1. Look for relevant experience. It is important to understand the ambit of personal injury law, which comprises of everything from car accidents and product liability lawsuits to medical malpractice and premise liability. If you are hiring an attorney for your case, ensure that they have relevant experience in similar cases. For example, some lawyers are more skilled in dealing with auto accident claims and lawsuits rather than medical malpractice. 
  2. Meet the lawyer and sense the comfort. People often have vivid imaginations about the personality of a lawyer. Even if you have heard great things about a lawyer, meet them in person. Most lawyers in Philadelphia offer a free initial consultation of personal injury cases, and therefore, you don’t have to pay anything right away. You should feel comfortable and confident talking to the attorney. 
  3. Ask about their approach and expertise. Has the lawyer represented clients at trial? How long have they been working on personal injury lawsuits? What is their standard approach for cases similar to yours? These are some of the basic questions you need to ask. 
  4. Check reviews. If you are comparing attorneys, online reviews can be really handy. Clients are more likely to post a review if they are disgruntled or unhappy with an attorney’s work. If a personal injury law firm has too many bad reviews, that could be an indicator of their profile. 
  5. Finally, know the fee. The cost of hiring an attorney in Pennsylvania may vary, depending on the facts of the case and the experience of the concerned lawyer. However, all lawyers charge a contingency fee for personal injury lawsuits. It is an arrangement where you agree to pay a percentage of your settlement if and when you win. 

Check online and sort a few lawyers for your injury case now!