Four Ways Workmen’s Comp Attorneys Can Help You

Have you sustained injuries at work? If so, you might be wondering whether or not to hire a workers’ comp attorney. Although you may think you can handle the situation by yourself, you may not the necessary knowledge to properly handle your claim. The workers’ comp system in Virginia is complex. Even a single mistake in filing your claim can delay the benefits you deserve for months. When this happens, it can get quite expensive to pay for medical treatment. So, it is best not to wait. Talk to one of several Blacksburg – Lynchburg region’s workmans comp attorneys for a free consultation. This way, you will know whether you can benefit from a lawyer’s guidance. The following are the best reasons to hire a worker’s comp lawyer:

Assess Your Claim

Even if your employer responds to your claim positively, you may still need a lawyer to assess your claim’s value and the benefits you are eligible to get. You may be able to secure a lump sum settlement for your claim. However, before you accept the settlement offer, you should know it is fair. Your lawyer can determine how much your current and future medical expenses may cost. Also, they can help you decide what’s right and fair for a settlement.

File Your Claim

Sometimes, your injury from a workplace accident may not show up immediately. And once you discover its existence, it may have gone serious. In this case, you need a lawyer to help you file a claim as your employer or their insurer may deny the claim outright. Your workmans comp attorney will gather the details of your accident and document everything. Also, they will make sure you seek medical attention immediately. They can notify your employer for you and help you explore the workers’ comp process.

Protect Your Rights

A skilled attorney who has been successfully handling workers’ comp cases for years will protect your rights. They will take action that is only in your best interest. They are aware of the current laws that govern workers’ comp and make sure your rights are not violated in the process.

Determine Third-Party Liability

Often, your only option is to file a workers’ comp claim against your employer. But, sometimes, you may be able to file a claim against a third party. This is possible when somebody other than your boss is at fault for the workplace accident and your injury. This usually happens when several vendors or contractors work on a similar job site. Your attorney can hold any third party liable for your injuries after investigating your accident.