Guide to Filing a Contest Divorce in Virginia 

It is always painful when a relationship that you wanted to last forever, ends. Getting a divorce is a challenging task. It will make you suffer emotionally, psychologically, physically, and financially. Divorce leads to the breakdown of the family institute. It should be the last resort in any family.

The ones who suffer the most from divorces are the children. Since they are too young to understand the bigger picture, they often end up blaming themselves for the breakdown of the family. If you are looking for contested divorce law firms in Virginia, then you must reach out to the Law Offices of John W Lee. P.C. attorneys and counselors at law.

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Tips for Filing a Contested Divorce in Virginia

Here are a few tips which will help you in establishing the case of a contested divorce. 

  1. Establish the Valid Grounds of Divorce– the contested divorces are generally more expensive than uncontested ones. You may be expected to appear before the judge multiple times. This makes the process lengthy, time taking, and physically demanding. The case may become more complicated if you premise the divorce on any specific fault of the spouse.
  2. Request for a pendente Lite Relief– pendente lite relief is the temporary payment that you receive while the litigation is going on in the court of law.
  3. Record the Assets – discovery is undoubtedly the most time-consuming process of a divorce. This is the process of each attorney asking for the evidence from the other attorney. These pieces of evidence will help in building your case. The evidence requested can be due to various reasons.

It is wise that you start to record the information of assets right away because the other party is anyway going to request the information from you. making a spreadsheet of the valuable property, the debts, the sources of income, etc will be good for your case. It is also advised to include the spouse’s property, debts, and income.

  1. Protect the Children – divorce is painful for the children as well. As a responsible parent, you must pay double attention to the well-being of the children now. You must ensure that the separation between you and your spouse does end up affecting the life of your children.


Getting a good attorney for divorce is the best idea for a smooth and relatively less painful divorce.