Helping someone post bail

The thought of having to help bail out a friend or family member out of jail, is one those dreaded moments that we hope never happens. But, for some this is a reality and you find yourself in this situation and have no idea how to proceed. They call you to come help and you head down the county jail to see what you can do about getting them out. The only problem is you never had to be bailed or ever bailed someone else out either. What is worse, is that they have a bail that you both cannot come up with, what next? Well, you are going to hire a bondsman to help with the situation.

If you were in Brazoria county and looking for a Brazoria Bail Bonds  there would have several different options for you to choose from. Regardless of where you are, you would contact a bail bonding agency and let them know how much bail is needed to get your family member out of jail. Understand that a certain percentage of the bail bond is going to be paid by you directly and that any remaining amount that’s covered by the bonding agency will have an interest rate applied to it to pay for the services that are being rendered by the bonding company. Usually, it tends to be around 10% of the total cost of the bond and you shouldn’t have to pay more than %15.

Even with that lowered amount that coming out of your pocket, that sum of money can be a drain on your personal finances. Most bonding companies will be able to work with you on setting up a payment plan that will allow for more flexible and manageable payment, but you also need to be cautious about taking this route. It’s easy to get emotionally overwhelmed and agree to pay back an amount of money that you can’t afford, just to get your loved one out of prison. Before this happens to you, make sure that you’re completely honest with the bail bondsman about your financial status. If you do that, the company can help you find the best way to get everything paid for without getting yourself into trouble when you’re trying to get someone out of trouble.

Finally, you have all you have to do at the end, is attend your court case and make your payments. If not, a warrant for their arrest will be issued almost immediately, which will no doubt cost you much more in the end and not with just money, but time as well.  This time there will be no bail and you can expect less help in the future, if they find themselves in the situation again. If you the defendant does show for court, but miss their payments, their property can be repoed and taken from them for compensation for the missed payments. Though no one is looking for this to happen. So, be honest and take a payment plan that you can actually afford in the end.