Need to find the best divorce lawyer? Use referral services for help!

It is easy to understand why divorces are so complex. When a couple decides to part ways, things are not always amicable, and it is essential that everything is sorted, including assets, child custody, parental responsibilities, and alimony. Even when couples agree to the basic grounds for mutual separation, both parties need to have respective lawyers. If you are looking for the top divorce lawyers in Edmonton, Alberta, you basically have two ways to go about it. The first obvious option is to use the internet to find the law firms near you. As a better alternative, you can choose to go for lawyer referral services. What are these services all about? We take a look at the advantages and other aspects.

What are lawyer referral services?

Take these services as the Google for legal counsel. Basically, lawyer referral services have their own network of lawyers who have signed up with them. As a prospective client, you just need to fill up a form, either on their website or at their office, which outlines the requirements of your case. Next, the service will do the search and background checks to make a list of best-rated lawyers, who are experienced and are available to take up new cases. You can proceed with the search ahead, contact the ones you prefer and take the final decision.

The advantages at a glance

With lawyer referral services, you don’t have to run around for help. You have a definitive list of prospective lawyers, who are well-versed with family law, with their contact details. The best services will also add other relevant information, such as educational background, legal experience, an average for legal fee and the number of cases they have handled so far. Also, with a reliable referral service, you have many names to choose from, which actually simplifies the search considerably. Your personal information and other details are always safe with the concerned service.

Taking the call

When you choose to find the best lawyers in Edmonton by referral, you already have the big names, but it doesn’t mean you have to choose one right away. The final onus is always on the client. It is always advisable that you meet your lawyer in person, ask the relevant questions and get a fair idea of how the case may shape up. Be clear as what you want from the case, and in case there is a scope for negotiation with your spouse, the lawyer should know about, as well. Discuss the charges of the lawyer without fail.

Final word

A good divorce lawyer is like an asset.  Besides offering legal counsel, lawyers also ensure that things remain in your favor. Messy divorces can be overwhelming, but with all the legal help, you can minimize the effect of the happenings. Don’t rush in finding a lawyer and talk in detail as how the case can be taken forward without getting into a bitter battle. Your lawyer will also explain the possible scope for mutual separation.

Author Bio – Alex Campbell is a writer focusing on Canadian law and the legal profession. He has been studying law in Canada for the past twenty years.