Sexual Abuse Claims by Clergy Members& The role of an Attorney

Sexual abuse is very prevalent, and there are increasing cases against faith leaders. According to Darkness of Light, a child abuse prevention organization, about 60% of sexual abuse victims never report or share details about the ordeal. Sexual abuse is very traumatic and is associated with emotional, mental, and physical effects. For many, coming up with allegations seems unsafe, especially if the act involves someone in authority.

Do I have a possible sexual abuse claim?

Perpetrators of sexual abuse may include anyone, even priests and clergymen. Of late, there are various claims against churches and faith leaders from both adults and kids. Many victims bear the trauma, and many end up not reporting the issue.

 However, victims can file allegations and seek justice for the mental anguish and trauma. If you have been abused by a religious leader, a clergy abuse lawyer will guide you in the process. How can I identify if I have a possible claim? There are various forms of sexual abuse by clergy members, these include;

  • Coercion to engage in vaginal, oral, or anal sex
  • Fondled, touched your genitals, or forced you to touch his
  • Forced you o watch pornographic materials or recorded disgraceful videos from you.
  • Displayed his genitals or forced you to reveal yours.

What will an attorney do?

Often, sex abuse allegations are too much to bear, hence the need to hire an expert attorney. The professional will guide you throughout the process and help you get compensation for your damages. First of all, the lawyer will examine the allegations to determine whether you qualify for a sexual abuse claim. If yes, he or she will file a sexual abuse claim against the priest or clergy.

Moreover, the sex abuse attorney will offer full representation in court and attend all court proceedings. They will guide you on how to how to respond to any questions directed to you. Don’t hesitate to seek medical help, though! The doctor will examine you and offer the necessary treatment.

The medical practitioner will also link you to a psychological therapist and give a medical report. The attorney will later use this as evidence in court. The sexual abuse lawyer will also handle all the paperwork involved in your case. What’s more? The professional will explain all the court processes to give you a better understanding of each step.

What are the qualities of the best sexual abuse attorney?

Sexual abuse cases are complex, which is particularly true if they involve priests and influential faith organizations. The best attorney has vast experience handling such cases successfully. They also have proper knowledge and expertise to deal with such matters. Sexual abuse cases can be lengthy, and the lawyer should also be available to handle the case during the entire process. Most importantly, the attorney is licensed by the state.

Final thoughts

Sexual abuse in faith organizations is prevalent among kids and teenagers. But there are also some reported cases of adults. If this happens to you, you don’t shy away from seeking help. Contact an attorney, and the professional will help you file a legal claim. The damage inflicted by sex perpetrators may last for a lifetime if not handled rightly.