The Most Common Reasons to Hire a Solicitor

Not all legal matters require the use of a solicitor. For example, you can often fight a citation issued for breaking road laws on your own. However, many other situations involving a legal dispute, challenge, or deal should involve someone highly trained to simplify and expedite the proceedings.

While such representation and help may not seem cost-effective at first glance, it can lead to a number of benefits and advantages, especially during such things as divorce, job loss, and other situations. With the help of a highly qualified solicitor, you should easily find your way out of a potentially damaging situation with a reduced or dropped sentence.


Unless you hire solicitors in Dorking to handle your issues, you must face the complexities of law with your own limited knowledge of them. No amount of reading and studying done over the course of a few weeks could compare to the years of experience gained by a solicitor during schooling alone. Most professionals hired also have the added experience of thousands of similar cases, which can provide unparalleled insight into the legal system.

Even experienced solicitors typically do not represent themselves if they find themselves facing legal issues. A strong case can quickly fall apart without the help of a trained and emotionally unbiased solicitor. Similarly, failing to hire an expert when starting a business, reviewing a contract, or beginning any project with potential legal ramifications may result in otherwise avoidable problems.


Although some consider hiring a solicitor an unnecessary expense, these same people often end up spending more in the long run by doing it all on their own. Consider the stakes of the proceedings. In a criminal case, those charged face not only heavy citations but the chance of spending time behind bars. In the event of a divorce, an inexperienced person might make costly mistakes or improperly handle the proceedings, leading to an unfair divorce settlement and heavy financial loss.

Many solicitors dealing with civil matters often do not collect their fees unless they win the case, a policy which can allow anyone to get quality representation. Finally, hiring professionals gave thousands an average of 30% more from their settlements, which made them money in the long run.


In nearly all legal proceedings, pieces of evidence will either hurt or benefit you. For example, you may be in the middle of a rather nasty divorce with your spouse, and you earlier signed a prenuptial agreement which stated any unfaithfulness would invalidate the contract. A solicitor may know who to call and where to look to find evidence of such an unfortunate act, which would help you win your case and simplify the proceedings.

If you were injured at work, they would gather any video, witness, or physical evidence to corroborate your story. In short, they not only know the law but also know how to work evidence in your favour, even if it at first appears to be rather negative in nature. At the end of the day, you save money and time by hiring a solicitor.