Things to Expect When Relocating Your Child after a Divorce

After going through a divorce, often times you can have a feeling of freedom. With that freedom, it might be tempting to have a fresh start with your life. But if children are involved and you want to get up and move, it is good to know all about relocation laws.

All states have their own set of relocation laws, be familiar with them.

Louisiana has a specific set of laws regarding relocation and it happens to be very detailed, which is why meeting with a Metaire child relocation lawyer is a smart choice. The court defines the location of a child as the principal residence of the child and is determined either by a court order or where the parents agree to live. It is important to establish this as early on in the divorce process as possible.

There are exceptions, like if the move is only temporary and is less than 60 days, then the law does not apply.

Relocation laws in the state of Louisiana only apply when you want to move permanently outside of the state of Louisiana or there has been no court order officially determining who has custody. Or, when you want to stay in Louisiana, but permanently move with the child more than 75 miles away. Any parent with sole custody or joint custody with a court order can ask for the permission of relocation.

Giving plenty of notice is important!

In the state of Louisiana, it is crucial that you must give at least 60 days’ notice if you plan on relocation of the child. The notice must be a written notice, including all of the required information and delivered via certified or registered mail.