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Translating Legal Text for a Patent

The translating of a legal text to be used within a patent has to be completed by an expert that not only has the knowledge of translating from the source language to the intended language, but also to be able to completely comprehend and understand how to translate the legal nuances and jargon that are present within the text. This translation process can be painstaking to ensure that everything is carefully considered and translated in a precise manner as possible as to do anything other than that could lead to legal implications further down the road if a mistake of any kind has been made.

Your intellectual property (IP) is protected legally through a patent. Your Intellectual Property rights covers a wide range of circumstances, including your brand, company name, the product or service that you sell to your customers. You IP could cover the marketing designs and slogans that are unique to your company, the processes that your company uniquely uses to create the products and services that you sell. There are a few reasons why you would want to protect your intellectual property through a patent. Due to the legal complexities of patent documentation, translating it into another language is not a straightforward process. If you want to protect your interests as you move your services and products into different countries and territories it is vital that your patent is translated perfectly to prevent any confusion.

Patent legislation can vary drastically in different countries. This only complicates the whole translating process. Using translators with a grasp of not only the native language of the country you are looking to translate a patent for, but also those with a full and thorough understanding of the legal implications of the patent in a different country is a necessity. There are a number of processes that a patent has to go through, all of which will require some translating of patent documents. These documents will include the patent grant request, filing patents, abstracts, specifications and renewals of patents. Within each patent project you will require many other supporting documents, permits, papers and branding materials that make up the intellectual property (IP) that you are trying to patent in a different location to your own.

Any form of legal translation is different to other types of translation services. Even if a translator has decades of experience in translating to and from multiple languages, if they are not fluent in the legal sphere of language within the languages present on a patent project they will find they are under immense pressure. The significant obstacles and problems that require resolutions within a legal patent translation require a more refined translator in terms of understanding the viable and legal terminology for the countries involved in the patent translation.