What does Law say about Extreme DUI Cases?

Driving under influence or DUI implies driving a vehicle after consuming anything causing intoxication. This has been considered a serious offense in all the countries across the world. It would be pertinent to mention here that law pertaining to DUI has been relatively strict. Let us guide on what will happen in case of extreme DUI cases.

Understanding extreme DUI

The law has been laying limits on extreme DUI conditions. The law in most countries states that extreme DUI would be the condition when alcohol content in the blood has exceeded the prescribed limit. The conditions have been revised in most nations after the drunken driving accident cases have exceeded. It would be pertinent to mention here that most nations do not have any lower limit for drinking and driving. As a result, any person held for drinking and driving would be instantly arrested and brought before the court of law. The court would impose the penalty or sentence on the guilty person based on the extent of his offense.

What is the reason for DUI accidents?

When a person starts consuming alcohol continuously, he would develop a tolerance towards it. The result would be him consuming more alcohol to achieve the drunkenness state. However, according to studies, a person would not be able to intake more alcohol in the body as per the prescribed limit. It would be pertinent to mention here that when the person consumes more alcohol than the prescribed limit, the mind begins to become numb. His reflexes would slow down. His ability to perceive and act according to situation would become lower. However, the person believes he is in complete control of the situation. The result would be driving reckless. This would be a major threat to his life and that of the people using the road. This has been the major cause of DUI accidents.

Punishment in extreme DUI cases

In case of regular DUI, the accused may be imprisoned for a day or imposed fine. However, in extreme offense, the accused would be imprisoned for more than 10 days along with fine. The person may be sent to drug or alcohol de-addiction centre as well, provided he agree to it. This would help in reduction of sentence as well. The convicted person would face suspension of license for at least 30 days. Moreover, they would be limited from exercising their driving rights and privileges for more than two months.