What you should know about Bail Bonds

When you have been accused of any crime, being arrested and being sent to jail could be a frightening experience. Moreover, as you would be legally innocent until proven guilty. In numerous cases, the judge and jury may allow you to be released on bail until your trial or hearing. However, the judge might order you file some kind of guarantee that you would return to face the charges against you prior to you could be released from custody. This specific kind of security has been known as Bail Bond. However, it would usually be turned over to the court in the form of property, cash, a signature bond, combination of forms and a secured bond through a surety company. For most people, Signature Bail Bonds of Tulsa would furnish bail bonds for you in the best manner possible.

What is a bail hearing?

Bail bonds have been mostly set during a formal procedure. It would be known as bail hearing. This would be when the Judge meets with the defendant or accused person. The Judge would also hear information about whether it would be appropriate to provide bail to the defendant. In case, specific types of bail bonds have been considered, similar to a secured bond or property bond, the Judge would be required to consider information about the financial resources of the defendant. They would also consider information on the sources of property or funds that may be used as collateral for the bail bond. In case, anyone else would be posting bail for the defendant, he or she would be considered as a surety. It would be pertinent to mention here that their financial situation would also be considered by the court. You should also gain information about Signature Bail Bonds in Tulsa.

Understanding various kinds of bail bonds

Signature Bail Bonds Tulsa would provide you with various kinds of bail bonds suitable to your needs. You should be required to understand the various kinds of bail bonds before you actually furnish them in the court of law.

Appearance bonds

An appearance bond would be a guarantee that a defendant would appear at every court proceedings until the case is complete. In event of default, there would be financial and legal repercussions for the involved parties.

Surety bail

Surety bail has been any kind of bail presented by bail bond companies and bail bondmen to enable several individuals to be released from jail. It would be a boon for defendant while awaiting hearing.