Who is Liable for Slip and Fall Accidents in Downey (California)?

A sudden tripping accident can turn a fun public gathering or a shopping spree into a trip to the emergency room. Unfortunately, these accidents are very common and happen in apartments, schools, supermarkets, airports, and other public places.

According to California law, property owners are required to keep their commercial and residential buildings safe and free from hazardous conditions. If a property owner does not keep their premises safe or fails to fix a hazardous condition, they may be held liable if someone gets injured on their property. If you sustained injuries due to a property owner’s negligence, it is in your best interest to contact a slip and fall lawyer in Downey to assist you with your legal rights.

Business and commercial properties

Property owners should always conduct inspections and maintenance of their premises to provide a safe and conducive environment for workers and visitors. Hazards such as faulty handrails, rotted stairs, crumbling sidewalks and poor lighting should be dealt with by the owner. If incidences such as spills occur, the owner should know about the spills and act quickly to remove the hazards.

If you need legal help after an accident, you should contact an attorney who will help you gather all the evidence quickly. This is because there is always a possibility that evidence such as footage may disappear from these premises before the investigation begins. Moreover, some properties have substantial policies with insurance companies but may try to avoid paying you your rightful compensation. Working with a qualified professional will ensure your legal rights are protected.

Private properties

Private landowners also have a legal mandate to ensure that the premises are safe for everyone who has a legal right of being there. If there are any dangers or risks on the property, the landowners must notify the guests and try to clean or repair any hazardous conditions. You and your attorney must prove four main elements in order to have a successful case in California:

The defendant is the owner of the property

Your attorney must prove that the defendant is the owner of the property or was in charge of the property when the incident took place.

The owner was negligent

Negligence refers to recklessness, carelessness or irrational behaviour that other people cannot commit in similar circumstances. A property owner can display negligence by not properly maintaining the premises and leaving safety hazards unrepaired for years.

The property owner’s negligence caused the accident

Your attorney must establish causation between the property owner’s negligence and the incident.

You sustained injuries or losses

You should have evidence of losses that you sustained in the accident. Compensable losses include injuries, lost wages and medical bills.


The liable parties in tripping incidents are usually negligent property owners who failed to ensure their premises were safe for visitors, workers and customers. Negligence can be displayed by failing to repair safety hazards or not putting up notices near dangerous areas. Seek help from experienced legal experts to exercise your legal rights if you are a victim.