5 Compelling Reasons You Might Need the Services of a Family Lawyer

As you would expect in any society, there are many laws that we all must abide by and family law is just one field of many. As the name suggests, family law has to do with the legality of family life and with that in mind, here are a few compelling reasons why a person might need to engage the services of a family law firm.

  1. Divorce/separation – Despite every effort, a relationship can reach its end and when it does, there are many things to decide. Dividing up the marital assets is something that can lead to disputes, which is why it is always important to seek out an experienced divorce lawyer. Finding the best family lawyer is no longer as difficult as it once was, as Google can bring up a list of local law firms that specialise in handling divorces.
  2. Drawing up a Last Will & Testament – If you have yet to write a will, there’s no better time than right now. You might be thinking there is little point in doing that, as your estate will automatically go to the right person, yet the Australian laws regarding estate division are ancient and not always what you would expect. It is wise to write a will, as this ensures that your estate is handled as you have instructed in your Last Will & Testament.
  3. Prenuptial agreement –A prenup is a legally binding document that details what exactly are shared assets and what are not. Those who have been married before, tend to want to prepare such an agreement, as they have considerable assets prior to the relationship, which they wish to protect. Such a document can avoid serious disagreements in the event the relationship ends.
  4. Child custody – When there are kids involved in a marriage break-up, their best interests must be at the forefront of proceedings and this usually means the involvement of both parents’ lawyers. If one parent has custody, the other should have visitation rights and this can often cause a disagreement, which would need to be settled by the legal counsel.
  5. Domestic violence – Relationship pressures can lead to domestic violence, which is unacceptable in any scenario and there are restraining orders that can be put in place to prevent a person from having any contact with their ex-partner. If you are the victim of physical abuse by your partner, contact a family lawyer and ask them to apply for a restriction order, which can be done outside of regular hours. With such an order in place, you can rest assured that the abuser will no longer be a threat.

There are other services available from a family law firm and should you ever require their services, start with a Google search to find a local law firm that specialises in family law. Most offer a free initial consultation (usually a Zoom call), which is the best way forward, as this helps you gain a deeper understanding of your situation without having to pay legal fees.