Misfortune comes when people least expect it. One may find himself in a situation where he needs a criminal lawyer to represent him in court. Finding a good lawyer is not a cakewalk. Continue reading this article to find out the qualities you should look for while selecting a lawyer.

Where it all begins: A person is most likely to require a criminal lawyer if he is charged with a crime. The alleged offense leads to an arrest, and the defendant is taken to jail. He must wait in jail until someone bails him out. To opt for a suitable bail option, learn more about how bail works.

  • At a bail hearing, the judge sets an amount to be posted by the defendant. Once the sum is paid, he is free to go out of jail and prepare for the upcoming trial. Though the bail amount is set from a pre-determined bail schedule, the sum may seem excessive depending on the defendant’s financial status.
  • Those who do not have ready cash saved up for the bail can opt for a bail bond. One has to pay only 10% of the total bail amount as a fee, and the rest is taken care of by the bail bond agency. People in California have access to different county-specific bail bond services. For example, one may reach out to bail bonds San Diego CA for fast release from jail in San Diego.

Preparation for the Trial: Once out of jail, a defendant can focus on his upcoming hearing. Statistics suggest getting out on bail and hiring a private lawyer increases the chance of winning the trial. Those, who do not have the means to arrange for a lawyer, are represented by state-appointed attorneys. Now, what are the qualities you should look for in an experienced lawyer?

  • Location: A lawyer requires proper licensing to represent someone in court. The said license restricts a lawyer to practice law outside his designated area. Therefore, you must hire lawyers who practice in your town and have a proper permit to do so.
  • Experience: No other quality is as vital as experience while representing someone in the court. An experienced lawyer knows how to twist the rules to his advantage. Therefore, before selecting a lawyer, be sure to go through the testimonials to get a sense of his work. Also, if you face DUI allegations, make sure the lawyer you plan to employ has represented people before with similar charges.
  • Cost: There is no doubt that lawyers are costly. Their fees can go up depending on various factors: the severity of the crime, the complexity of the case, and their own experience in the field.

Reputation, earned over the years, matters a great deal in this field. Advocates with specialization in a particular type of criminal law usually charge a higher rate. Therefore, if you are on a budget and cannot afford the best man in the game, do not be disappointed. Find the next best person and trust in his ability to win the case. It is crucial to communicate well with your lawyer if you want to win the case. The person representing you in court must know every uncomfortable detail about the crime. If the lawyer is aware of the facts, he can be better prepared to support and protect his client.