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What To Look For When Hiring A New Legal Recruiter For Your Law Firm

Attracting new talent is an integral element of every law firm’s daily workings in order to ensure its continued success, as young lawyers who are recent graduates will quite literally define the future of every law firm. Every practice needs to find people who are committed to their vision and mission; however, it can be difficult to thoroughly vet each applicant to ensure they are exactly what you need. Not only does it require significant resources, but also the task can be incredibly daunting for any one person to undertake. Because of this, many firms are now choosing to retain the services of a Toronto lawyer recruitment team in order to save themselves a great deal of time and money. When hiring a legal recruiter, there are a number of attributes to keep in mind.

A Strong Reputation Among Clients And Candidates
There is power in a reputation. If a mechanic intentionally overestimates the extent of the necessary repairs of a vehicle, he will begin to develop a bad reputation and will lose customers. Potential clients want to know not only what the candidate has to say, but also what others have said about them. The same principle can be applied when searching for a legal recruiter. Your recruitment team will need to have a good reputation within the industry for their honest and quality work, like the Heller Group – an established and popular legal recruitment agency in Toronto. Don’t settle for an agency that doesn’t have your best interests at heart. The recruitment agency you choose should have a positive history with both the employers whom they have served and lawyers whom they have found jobs – like The Heller Group.

They Should Be Lawyers
A life-long chef would be the best person to discern whether a young cook is producing a delectable steak or a slab of beef comparable to what one might find at the local fast food chain. The same can be said when recruiting top lawyers – a team of experienced lawyers will be able to more accurately identifygoodlegal talent than headhunters who have little to no experience with the legal profession.

Experience In The Industry
It can be difficult to know when a potential candidate is contemplating a significant change in his or her professional life; one would need to know all of the relevant factors that could lead to that decision. Most law firms will not have the resources or time to survey the market and detect when a lawyer wants to advance his or her career or might be looking for change. In fact, many recruiters do not have the skill to perform this task either, which is why it is so important to find a legal recruiter who specializes in the industry and has already established a large network of industry contacts.

A Team With A Range of Skills
Video game consoles typically have a function for streaming movies on Netflix or Hulu; cell phones have cameras or Apps; and a legal recruitment agency needs to haveheadhunters that exhibit a range of attributes. Individuals might have a background in risk management, international corporations, business, marketing, or any other number of skillsets. It is important to find a recruitment agency that has variety and that has agents working for them who embody skills that could benefit your practice.