Do You Want The Divorce Lawyer?

In case your marriage is finished, and both sides believe that you’re ready to break up, you don’t always require a divorce lawyer to deal with your situation. You are able to apply for the divorce yourself using most of the do-it-yourself divorce kits should there be no children involved, and when the marital property […]

Services That Are Offered by Family Lawyers

Family legal advisors assist families with a number of services. Not only do they specialise in divorce settlements but they also help couples draw up pre-nuptial contracts and set up mediation. Children’s issues and parenting orders are also managed by lawyers in this field. In addition, lawyers handle urgent recovery orders and make sure that […]

Inheritance Tax Planning

Inheritance Tax is a tax on the property, money, and possessions of someone who has died. There’s normally no Inheritance Tax to pay if the value of your estate is below the threshold of £325,000, or you leave everything to a spouse, civil partner, charity, or a community amateur sports club.  However, if you give […]